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Step One: Inspection before installation
The heat pump dryer system include the heat pump dryer machine and its drying chamber materials, kindly please check whether raw materials and equipment components are complete.

Step Two: Installation of drying Chamber
Firstly, the insulation board at the bottom of the drying room should be installed according to the drawing number and direction. Can not be too tight or too loose, to ensure that the gap between each insulation board is consistent.
Step Three: Install the heat pump dryer
The installation position of heat pump must be put in place according to the requirement of drawings. It should be installed from the corner board. The reserved gap between the heat pump and the drying chamber board are uniform and kindly please tightened by special wrench.
Step Four: install the side board.
Install the drying chamber board according to drawing number and its instruction. Place and fit the board from corner on, and locking hook. Before installation of drying door, should ensure the flexible switching, then installation of residual side plate, as well as dryer machine foot pad.
Step 5: Install the roof top board.
Place the metal stand structure of Axial Fan in right site and then install the roof top board, and partition panel.
Step 6: Install the fans.
When installing the fan, make sure the position is correct. The fan rack must be closely connected with the reservoir body, and there should be no loosening phenomenon, so as to avoid obvious vibration and noise when the machine is running.

Step 7: Connect Power
After the installation of the drying room, then connect the heat pump dryer and fan to the power supply. When connecting the power cable, it is necessary to pay attention to the phase sequence and ensure it is right. Kindly please connect the zero line and ground line to ensure safety.

Step 8: Run the test
After installation according to the above steps, a complete heat pump dryer is basically built. When the system is operating, the operation test is carried out to check whether the all operation steps are correct.
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