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Company Name
Zhuhai Hello River Technology Co. Ltd.
Contact Person: David Deng
Mobile:+86 139 2692 4091
Tel:+86 756 6169687

Whatsapp: +86 13926924091
Skype: dengshuwei
Email: heatpumpdry@qq.com

Address: Jiuzhou Road No. 1206, PIBO Building, Room 2016

Zhuhai city, Guangdong Province, China.



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Welcome to our Site and embrace the new technology and total drying and dehydration solution for your agriculture foods and industrial materials. ZHUHAI HELLO RIVER TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD(Hereinafter referred as Hello River ) is a professional manufacturer of Heat Pump Dryer.We have the largest factory of air source heat pump dryer and drying system solution provider. We can provide standard drying machine basic on air source heat pump technology, and design and construction complicated and customerized... [MORE]
[Heat Pump Dryer System]
[Mushroom Dryer]
[Nut Dryer]
[Ginseng Dryer]
[Tobacco Leaf Dryer]
[Fish Dryer]
[Timber Dryer]
[Vegetable Dryer]
Tremella Dryer
Tobacco Leaf Dryer
Squid Dryer
Silkworm Cocoon Dryer
Fish Dryer
Seafood Dryer
Rice Noodle Dryer
Preserved Meat Dryer Project 2
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