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Product Name:
Ginseng Dryer
Product Notes:
Ginseng Dryer|Ginseng Dyring Machine|Heat Pump Ginseng Dryer
Product Category:
Ginseng Dryer

 I.  The Advantage Of Ginseng Dryer

The Ginseng Dryer is in fact a system integrated with heat pump dryer, air flow component and drying chamber which can be used to dry fish, vegetable, fruit, nut, mushroom, tobacco leaf and as well as other kinds of foods and industrial materials need dehydration.  The Ginseng Dryer is a kind of energy saving dryer machine which can aborb the heat in ambient air temperature and transfer it into the drying chamber, finally used to dry material stored in drying chamber.  The temperature scope in chamber can be adusted from 8 Celsius to 75 Clesius, and completely no need to consume the coal, firewood and boiler etc. 

After connecting the Ginseng Dryer with the power, the Ginseng Dryer can generate hot air or cool air according to the setting of system and flow into the chamber. In the whole course of drying operationm, no need for people to stand guard alongside with the machine, finally it can save the labor cost greating, compared with the conventional drying system need worker to add fuel material occasionally. As the temperatue and humidity can be strictly control by PLC program, thus the dried material can be achieve good quality among batchs and the final appearance can be match and even better compared with the conventional mtother of coal boiler.

heat pump dryer

II. The Setting of Ginseng Dryer 

1) 3P Heat Pump Ginseng Dryer shall match with 15CBM Drying Chamber. The Power consumption is around 3KW per Hour.  2) 6P Heat Ginseng Dryer shall match with 25CBM Drying Chamber. The Power consumption is around 6KW per Hour. 3)10P Heat Ginseng Dryer shall match with 40CBM Drying Chamber. The Power consumption is around 10KW Per Hour. 

ginseng dryer 

 III. The Tips about Ginseng Dryer

The Ginseng Dryer is quite good to use for the drying treatment for agriculture product like fruit, vegetable, mushroom, tobacco leaf, sffron, Cod, Timber, Ginger, Grape, Ginseng, Rosewook, Natural Rubber, Blacktea, Chilli, Silkworm Coccon, Seaweed, Nut and etc.  It can get fantastic drying quality if use the combination of hot air and cool air to use material. The most important thing is the amazing energy saving effect, thus we no need worry about the drying cost. The Ginseng Dryer have been admited as the most cost competitive drying solution. It can be used for drying Ginseng with better cost and quality.


IV. The Ginseng Dryer Diagram


 V. The Ginseng Process Technology

The Ginseng is a kind of very expensive health food. We strongly sugget to dry Ginseng with low temperature between 45-50 Celsius, the lowest temperature is 30 Celsius, and relative humidity 60%.  The drying program will start from 30 Celsius, then to 45-50 Celsius, then again from 45-50 lower to 30 Celsius,  till the Ginseng dry completely and meet quality standard.

 ginseng dryer

VI. The Ginseng Dryer Specification Sheet.

 Voltage  380V-220V/50HZ 380V-50HZ  380V-50HZ 
Rated Power (KW) 2.8KW 5.2KW 9.3KW
 Rated Current(A)  5.5A 10.8A  10.5A 
 Heating Capacity  10.5KW 26KW  35KW 
 Cooling Capacity  7.8KW 18KW  25KW 
 Dehumidification Amount  10L/H 20L/H  30L/H 
 The Max. Power  4.2KW 6.6KW  11.2KW 
 The Max. Current  8.1A 13.9A  22.5A 
 The Highest Temperature  75 Celsius 75 Celsius  75 Celsius 
 Work Temperature Scope 0 - 43 Celsius 0-43 Celsius 0-43 Celsius
 Anti-Electric Shock Rate  I
 Level of Protection  IPX4 IPX4  IPX4 
 Noise Level Less than 75db(A)  Less than 75db(A)  Less than 75db(A)
 Wind Volume CBM/H  10000-15000 15000-19000  20000-25000 
 Dimension(mm)  1650*860*1280 1720*1160*1280  2100*1460*1590
 Weight(KG)  180kg  285kg  380kg
 The Max Discharge Pressure

 Less than 3.0 Mpa

 Less than 3.0 Mpa Less than 3.0 Mpa
 Coolant/Weigth  Mixed Coolant/3.0kg   Mixed Coolant/4.3kg  Mixed Coolant/3.5kg*2

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