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Zhuhai Hello River Technology Co. Ltd.
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Zhuhai city, Guangdong Province, China.



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The Fruit Dryer System come into service in Huizhou
Posted by£º Published£º2014-7-15 Read£º531´Î

The Fruit Dryer system with 12HP power and 30 SQM drying chamber come into use on July 05th. The system was design and build by Hello River to dry the Longan fruit for the largest dealer oif Longan, Hongwei fruit enterprise, in Huizhou city, a middle size of city around 150KM away from Guangzhou. 

This system was design with the capacity around 2Tons of wet longan per days.  According to the current on site production situation, it have been provedn match perfectly and even beyond the design capacity, accoridng to the on-site support engineer from Hello River, Mr. Liu.

fruit dryer


In the last decade, people normally used coal bowler to dry the longan. The quality is very difficult to control and need more labor cost and coal dryer. the worst thing is that it is very dirty and lmost impossible to control the pollution of fruit by the dust after the burning of coal in bowler.  Right now Hello River provide a clean and safety and low cost drying system for Longan.  It can also be widely used for other kinds of fruit like grape, Mango and etc.


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