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Zhuhai Hello River Technology Co. Ltd.
Contact Person: David Deng
Mobile:+86 139 2692 4091
Tel:+86 756 6169687

Whatsapp: +86 13926924091
Skype: dengshuwei
Email: heatpumpdry@qq.com

Address: Jiuzhou Road No. 1206, PIBO Building, Room 2016

Zhuhai city, Guangdong Province, China.



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The Chinese Medicine Dryer Project pass quality acceptance
Posted by£º Published£º2014-7-25 Read£º530´Î

Hello River would like to give an important annoucement that the Chinese medicine Dryer project, which located in Luochen City, Guangxi Province, have successfuly pass the quality acceptance by the owner. The dryer system were to used to dry a famous chinese medicine whose name is Foshou, which believe a very healthy food to strength human body.  We believe that up to now it is the larget heat pump dryer system in Luochen city.

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