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A Brief Outlook About The Sludge Dryer Industry

Issuing time:2019-07-05 19:48

According to their sources, all kinds of sludge can be roughly divided into municipal sludge and industrial sludge and other categories.If we make it more detailed then including domestic sludge, municipal sludge, pharmaceutical sludge, biodiesel sludge, protein sludge, pharmaceutical sludge, beer and beverage sludge, cellulose sludge, refinery sludge, oil recovery sludge, etc. Kitchen sludge, bio-fertilizer sludge, pesticide sludge, organosilicon sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, printing sludge, circuit board sludge, pharmaceutical sludge, feed preparation sludge, food sludge, biochemical sludge, paper-making sludge, fruit sludge, soy sauce residue and other sludge. Hello River's sludge low temperature dryer is a process of using dehumidification heat pump to dry the sludge with hot air and drying through condensation and dehumidification. Dehumidification and drying is the process of recovering latent heat and sensible heat in the exhaust air, and heat can be closed for recycling, while water can be discharged through condensation water. The dehumidification and drying process has no waste heat emission, no exhaust emissions, and no deodorization and dust treatment devices are needed. Low temperature drying of sludge has become a hot market in drying equipment industry.

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The working principle and process of belt type low temperature sludge dryer are as follows: the refrigeration system is used to cool and dehumidify the wet air from the drying line, and the latent heat of water condensation is recovered by heat pump to heat the air to achieve the purpose of drying sludge. The energy is recycled in the drying process of sludge without any waste heat and exhaust gas emissions. The sludge whose water content about 80-85% from filter press or screw stacker is transported to the sludge inlet by the Shaftless spiral hoist and then falls onto the mesh belt conveyor.

Sludge conveyor is composed of 304 stainless steel chain mesh, gear, polyester mesh, etc. It can be ventilated and ventilated, and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-rust and high temperature resistance. Through centrifugal fan, the 78 degrees Celsius high temperature dry air supplied by the main condenser parts of dryer passes through a layer of mesh belt from the bottom of the belt conveyer. In this process, the high temperature air will dry the sludge on the mesh belt and take away the heavy moisture to become the waste hot air of medium temperature and high humidity, and then transfer the waste heat of medium temperature and high humidity back to the dryer machine for cooling. Condensation dehumidification and drainage. The mesh belt can be made into different layers and lengths according to the production capacity. The Sludge been convey and dries in the conveyer until it reaches the required moisture content. Sludge is dried, docked with scraper hoist, then lifted by scraper hoist and dropped into ton bags, which can be packed and stored directly.

The low temperature sludge dryer diagram

The wet sludge should be modeled before entering the sludge drying conveyor line. The main way of modeling treatment is to cut the sludge into noodles shape, which can enlarges the surface area of the sludge in contact with hot air, and enhances the efficiency of heat utilization. After drying, the sludge remains granular or strip-like and does not produce dust. Because the sludge is dried at low temperature, the organic matter of the sludge is not destroyed and the incineration calorific value is higher in the later stage. Closed condensation dehumidification method without any odor leakage will not cause pollution to the environment. Sludge dryness can be accurately adjusted according to demand, and it will not waste energy because of excessive drying. It is easy to install without complicated investment in civil engineering. Because it does not produce any pollution emissions, it can be used in cities and industrial parks. Sludge drying pipeline can handle 2-30 tons of sludge with different properties every day. Now modular production has been realized. Hello River's sludge cryogenic dryer is also suitable for more than 20 kinds of sludge drying schemes, such as chemical sludge drying, biochemical sludge drying, electroplating sludge drying, oil production sludge drying, heavy metal sludge drying, hazardous waste sludge drying, food processing sludge drying, hazardous waste sludge drying, industrial sludge drying, printed circuit board production sludge drying, etc.


Characteristics of belt type sludge dryer:

1. The innovative technology: Hello River adopts the patent technology of four-effect dehumidification, which can control air humidity lower and drying efficiency faster. Independent layered system for quick dewatering of wet sludge.The low temperature drying cycle is short. Module structure design, load regulation ability is strong. Conversion stepless speed regulation is realized by transmission, which is suitable for dry material adjustment with different moisture content.

2. Directly desiccate the contamination to 10%. There is no need to dispose of the contamination in stages. Reducing capacity by 67% and weight by 80% can save a lot of transportation costs. The hazardous sludge can be fully realized to achieve that reduction, stabilization, harmlessness and resource utilization of the dried sludge. The dired sludge can be used as fertilizer, fuel, incineration, building materials, biofuels, landfill cover Soil, land use, etc.

3. Continuous mesh belt drying mode is suitable for all types of sludge drying system. The belt type sludge dryer are made of 304 stainless steel. Epoxy resin electrophoresis leak-proof treatment is used for heat exchanger, which has a long service life; no mechanical wear and tear during operation, which has a service life of more than 15 years; no wearable and wearable parts, and easy to use and manage.

4. Dry sludge sterilizes 90% effectively and has no secondary pollution.


5. Patented technology of sludge extrusion and crushing moulding adopts different laying modes according to sludge solid content.

6. Low temperature (40-75 Celsius Degree) fully closed drying process, no exhaust emissions, no odor treatment system; low temperature drying can fully avoid different types of organic sludge.Volatilization avoids the volatilization of odorous gases.

7. The whole drying process can be carried out in a closed environment without any gas discharged into the outside environment, causing no secondary environmental pollution, and no drying process.Pollutant discharge, good sanitary condition of drying workshop; Selection of centralized water cooling mode, good cooling effect, excellent workshop working temperature.

8. The operation of the system is safe and there is no hidden danger. Oxygen content < 12%, dust concentration < 60g/m3, particle temperature < 70 C in the sludge drying process, the whole drying process

No dust (air velocity < 2 m/s).

9. The conveying speed of mesh belt is controlled by frequency conversion. The water content of sludge discharged can be adjusted (10-30%) to meet the requirements of various types of technology.

10. Using advanced heat pump dehumidification technology, energy saving is over 40%, and the power consumption per 20 is about 0.3%.


11. The equipment covers a small area and is easy to install. The equipment covers an area of only 3.5m2 per ton of evaporation water. The installation of equipment is simple and the period of installation and debugging is short.

12. The daily treatment capacity of a single drying line can reach 45 tons of wet sludge with moisture content of about 80%, and the daily treatment capacity of mud cake with moisture content of 55% can reach 140 tons, which is suitable for sludge fraction. Decentralized or centralized processing mode. Through the drying treatment of wet sludge, the volume reduction can be realized, the transportation cost of sludge can be saved and the environmental pollution during transportation can be reduced.

13. Use PLC + touch screen control system, fully automatic operation. The operation and management of the system is very convenient. It has intelligent humidity and temperature control, variable frequency control of feed volume, forming control and discharge content. Solid rate control, paving control and other control functions.


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